This pair spent their entire existence together starting from the assembly line. The current owner doesn't plan to break them apart.

Some people seem to have all the luck finding incredibly rare items in out of the way spots, and it’s hard not to be a little jealous of the recent story of two guys discovering a pair of ultra-low-mileage 1987 Buick Grand Nationals in a small town in Oklahoma.

As William Avila explained on Facebook, he learned about a pair of Grand Nationals for sale in a small town in Oklahoma, but the seller was asking an eye-watering price of nearly $200,000 for them. Avila was undeterred and a little curious. He and a buddy made the three and a half hour drive to check the cars out. What they found was amazing.

A pair of dusty Grand Nationals sat in there and leaves surrounded them. An inspection showed some unbelievable things about these two muscle cars. One of them had covered a mere 592 miles and still smelled new inside. The other was used for 807 miles. They also had consecutive VINs meaning that this couple was built together in the factory, travelled on the same hauler, and eventually went to a single owner. The options were also identical.

Buick Grand Nationals Foud

According to Avila, his buddy spent the next month negotiating with the seller on a lower price, and they eventually came to an agreement. Avila hasn’t disclosed the amount at this time. In the comments on Facebook, he says that he plans to reveal the number eventually but not yet. 

Since these cars are as close to twins as possible in the automotive world, Avila and his friend have no intention of splitting them up. After sitting so long, they need some freshening, but the plan is to put them back into perfect shape. They’ll eventually go on display at local car shows.

Buick Grand Nationals Foud

The Grand National is one of the best muscle cars of the ‘80s. Buick took its existing turbocharged Regal and added a threatening black body for the Grand National package in 1984. The 3.8-liter turbocharged V6 initially produced 200 horsepower but updates pushed the output to 245 hp by 1987. The limited-run GNX even made 276 hp on paper, but the engine actually reportedly made significantly more power.

Source: Facebook Via: GM-EFI, Road & Track

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