A special Edition 2LOOK Mercedes-Benz SLK has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Two colours black and white, are available in contrast at certain points in and outside the car.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled at Geneva the SLK 2LOOK Edition which is basically an SLK with the two contrasting colours of black and white. Exterior is offered in either black or white and some detailing separates the 2LOOK Edition from other SLKs on the road. For instance the headlamps come with black surrounds, and 18-inch alloy wheels are fitted.

The wheels can be ordered either in a titanium silver colour or a dark "shadow" hue. Emblems certifying this SLK as a 2LOOK Edition appear discretely on the wings. The interior is also in contrasting black and white where the seats are covered in nappa leather. In the centre the seats are coloured in white but the contoured bolsters are painted black. Even the doors and the centre armrest are covered in these two colours.

The SLK 2LOOK Edition can be ordered today with the SLK 200 KOMPRESSOR, SLK 300 and SLK 350 Sports. Buyers are expected to part with an extra €2,100 for the 2LOOK Edition. The two metallic paint finishes are priced at €1,990 for white and €580 for the black colour.


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