New Sport Tourer comes with 10 engine variants and lots of other options. With a luggage capacity of about 1,600 liters, the 4.5 meter long Sport Tourer is meant for the Renault customer with traveling in mind.

Renault has unveiled the new Megane Sport Tourer and although its naming may smack of a conscious effort to associate the Sport Tourer with the BMW Touring models, let's just have a look and see whether this latest Megane lives up to its chosen nomenclature.

The Megane Sport Tourer is a wagon version of the Megane 5-door hatch and subsequently it has extended itself by a few centimeters. The Sport Tourer's length is 263 mm longer than the hatch at 4,558 mm and the wheelbase has also been stretched to 2,702 mm, a growth of 62 mm. The result is what all customers are looking for in a wagon, luggage space for those driving holidays, and volume is increased by a healthy 119 liters to max out at 524 liters (1,595 liters with the rear seats down).

New here is the TCe 130 engine, a 1.4 liter power plant with a "low inertia" turbocharger pumping out a substantial 130 hp and 190 Nm of torque. The engine is a good fit in the mid-sized Sport Tourer for those looking to balance power with enviro-friendliness.

But several diesel variants are also on offer that provide hearty torque and good efficiency. Three different power variants on the 1.5 dCi and two for the 2.0 liter dCi are available with power maxing out at 160 hp for the top version diesel.

With 5 gasoline engine variants and 5 diesels too, along with many more goodies on offer for the Megane Sport Tourer, Renault is trying hard to make this tourer an impressive one but also one with a good value proposition for those with an eye on their wallets.

Sport Tourer it is. At least, that's the name.


Renault Uncovers new Megane Sport Tourer