Mansory's recent purchase of Rinspeed's tuning arm has resulted in the Chopster, a chop-topped, 710-horsepower Porsche Cayenne S that debuted in Geneva.

Leave it to Mansory to combine classic hot rods, modern SUVs and tuner cars into one package. The Porsche Cayenne S-based Chopster debuted in Geneva as a unique work of automotive art.

"Now, wait a minute," you're thinking. "Didn't Rinspeed have a chop-topped Cayenne called the Chopster back in 2005?" That's absolutely true, it did. Mansory purchased Rinspeed's tuning division back in November, however, the new Chopster has been unveiled as a product of that merger.

The Chopster doesn't cut any corners. Most obvious at a glance is the chopped roof, which has been lowered 60mm. A wild carbon-fiber body kit includes the hood, front and rear aprons and doors, and the Chopster has been widened by 80mm. A striking raw-carbon and red finish is set off by a gaping maw of a front air intake that hides four extra headlights. 23-inch wheels are on hand to make space for the monstrous brakes--420 x 40 mm up front and 375 x 30 at the rear.

Why so serious about stopping? In addition to being considerably lighter thanks to the extensive use of carbon, the Chopster's had some work done under the hood as well. Mansory has installed a larger turbocharger and remapped the engine, resulting in 710 horsepower (522 kW) and 900 nM torque from the Cayenne's V8. A unique adjustable exhaust header allows the driver to select the noise level and quality.

You can probably guess what's on the inside. In addition to lots of leather and yet more carbon, the Chopster features a refrigerator, DVD player and an Internet-capable laptop with monitor screens in the headrests.

Mansory Chopster Debuts in Geneva