Clio RS comes in two variants with the Clio RS 200 Cup meant for the purists. 200 Cup chassis is lowered 7 mm and steering to quicken reaction time and improve driver feedback from the wheel.

Renault has unveiled the new Clio RenaultSport 200 at the Geneva motor show today.

The updated Clio Renaultsport comes in two variants, the 200 and the 200 Cup.

Both feature an additional 3 hp above the current model but that may not be as measly an improvement in performance as one may think. There are a few goodies and updates here that hint at a noticeable upgrading in the ride, especially in the 200 Cup model.

While the 200 is outfitted for a little more comfort, the 200 Cup is meant to appeal to the purists. It comes with a stiffer chassis and is 36 kg lighter than the 200. It also stands to lose weight vis-a-vis its standard counterpart by means of a lower level of equipment.

The 200 Cup chassis also comes lowered by better road-hugging 7 mm and with a revised calibration of the steering to make it quicker in reaction and improving driver feedback from the wheel.

Both versions still feature aerodynamic work which come from Renault's Formula One experience. Front-wing air-extractors with a splitter at the front too coupled with a rear diffuser are unique to this hot-hatch segment. Correspondingly, air flow has been improved by 0.02 to a drag coefficient of 0.75.

The 2.0 liter 16V naturally aspirated engine gets a little tweaking too, upping horsepower by a mere 3 points to 200 hp but also reducing CO2 emissions. Gearing is also tuned to spice up acceleration by shortening the ratios on the first 3 gears.

Simmering hatch? Or just maybe all-out hot.


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