After many teasers, the Bentley Continental Supersports has finally made its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

After a few months of teasing and sneak peeks, the Bentley Continental Supersports has made its official debut at Geneva. For those who've been away from the Internet or deliberately avoiding the previews and saving Bentley's present to unwrap on Christmas morning, so to speak, here's what's already been let slip; the Continental Supersports is the fastest, most powerful Bentley ever, and it'll be the first flex-fuel capable Bentley.

The "extreme Bentley" has a massaged 6.0 liter twin-turbo W12 under the hood that's capable of 630PS (621 bhp). The big luxury car has gone on a diet as well; thanks to lightening measures that include lightweight front seats and a rear-seat package shelf, the Continental Supersports has dropped 110 kg (243 lb) compared to the Continental GT Speed. With a standard Quickshift transmission, this means that the Continental Supersports is capable of 3.7 second 0-60 mph runs, with a top sped of 329 km/h (204 mph). Carbon-ceramic brakes are standard.

The tweaked engine is also capable of running on E85 or gasoline, or any blend of the two. The Continental Supersports automatically adjusts the engine programming, to keep the power constant no matter what fuel is being used. This car is the first in the lineup to receive flex-fuel capability, and Bentley has indicated that it will make all of its products biofuel-friendly by 2012.

Subtle tweaks to the design are mostly functional, including larger air intakes and vents up front that provide additional air to the engine, and slightly flared rear fenders due to a widened track. At the rear, there's a redesigned retractable spoiler. All of the Continental Supersports' chrome is blacked-out using a durable and elegant stainless-steel darkening system that's being used for the first time in a car. Unique 20-inch wheels are also a part of the package.
The Continental Supersports goes on sale this fall.