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If you visit Motor1 regularly, you’ll probably already know Bentley is not just a car brand. It’s a whole culture. Name it a way of life, if you want. It’s a name you could also find on a home sound system or an ultra-posh picnic set. There’s also a clothing brand with that name, but that's a whole different story.

If the idea for a Bentley audio system for your house sounds interesting to you, we have more good news – now there’s a new furniture collection to match your taste and your love for everything Bentley. It’s made in Italy and is designed by the architect Carlo Colombo.

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The furniture, Bentley Home says, focuses on the study of proportions and forms, outlining “well-balanced concepts featuring classical volumes full of refined details.” It uses materials such as maple and eucalyptus woods, and different leather covers.

Bentley furniture collection
Bentley furniture collection
Bentley furniture collection

The Collection, as is the official name of the… well, collection, consists of eight elements – two sofas, a chaise lounge, a table, a set of chairs, a bed, a cabinet, and a lamp. You can take a look at the prices of the different details at the press release section below, but we will tell you the complete set costs $171,930. You'll probably be able to get a silver or carat-gold-plated retractable “Flying B” badge for you Mulsanne for that money, but that's just an idea.

The Collection is being presented at this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Italy.

Source: Bentley Home

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(Crewe, 04 April 2017) Bentley Home presents a new furniture collection at this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile, reflecting an evolution of its formal style and designs. The collection marks a faithful reinterpretation of the codes of excellence, expressed in furniture and accessories displayed in a setting that describes a new dimension of contemporary luxury.

Unique creations are distinguished by the finest craftsmanship and their modern, subtle overtones.

Made in Italy, the harmonious play of contrasts and styles displayed by the range follows a fil rouge of elegance, suggesting luxurious, enveloping atmospheres.

The Collection, designed by the architect Carlo Colombo, focuses on the study of proportions and forms, outlining well-balanced concepts featuring classical volumes full of refined details. Decorative elements become functional as in the Stowe sofa which stands out for its useful and distinctive open compartment that enhances the design.

The relaxing and innovative attitude typical of the Bentley world of interiors is also reflected in the choice of materials. The new maple and eucalyptus woods that add allure to the structures and surfaces are interpreted in variations with the refined fiddleback motif, at times in contrast with the leather covers.

Fabrics take their cue from the world of haute couture, in a tribute to the inimitable automotive tradition. Soft cotton and silk velvets and high-performance chenilles reinterpret chromatic patterns, applying a palette that ranges through delicate and pastel nuances. Tones of ecru and quartz grey are juxtaposed with highlighted burgundy and cognac shades, creating a Collection of unique individuality.

The Collection

Stowe sofa

Stowe is a modular sofa displaying a practical design language. Lines and geometric shapes bring out the functional quality of the parts. The asymmetrical feature of the armrests combined with the innovative open compartment, which highlights the sofa’s modular approach, generate a bold contemporary image. It is presented in leather and fabric, in an elegant ecru shade.

Stamford sofa

Stamford is a three or four-seat sofa designed to enhance the Bentley Home living area. The enveloping lines of the ample chassis enclose the deep, comfortable structured seat. The design of the armrest – slightly recessed with respect to the line of the base, in continuity with the back – lends this sofa a contemporary feel.

Stamford chaise longue

The Stamford chaise longue completes the family of furnishings of the same name, it is enhanced by graceful lines, weightless volumes and a careful design that expresses the codes of the Collection, reinforced by the skilled craftsmanship of the construction. The enveloping back forms a continuous contour with the line of the armrest. The structure is underscored by the profile in leather or fabric.

Sherwood table

Sherwood is a table enhanced by a refined silhouette and paced by graphic touches, in which the top and the leg in briar are elegantly divided by a metal profile with a leather insert. With its essential lines and the use of noble materials, the Sherwood table is carefully finished in every detail.

Sherwood chairs

The Sherwood line also includes chairs with an enveloping seat that, in contrast with the slim, structured leg, sums up formal elegance. A remarkably versatile solution, perfect for a lounge or living room, conveys the full value of craftsmanship of the highest quality. Available with or without armrests, the Sherwood chairs are enhanced by the elegant combination of leather and briar root, underscoring the impeccable lines.

Eastgate bed

The Eastgate bed stands out for its poised volumes and elegant design, to decorate the bedroom area of the Bentley Home Collection. The headboard featuring a maple border forms a contrast with the base that grants solidity and elegance to the structure.

Eastgate cabinet

The Eastgate cabinet embodies exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, in a contemporary update of the cabinetry tradition of Bentley Home. The piece features forceful architectural characteristics, highlighted by the cutaway structure in elegant maple. The leather covering of the doors adds refinement to a model ideal for use in the dining room or the bedroom.

Morpeth lamp

Morpeth is a linear floor or table lamp in which the rigor of the forms establishes a dialogue with the precious quality of the finishes and materials, in a precious harmony of contrasts. The leather shade is enhanced by slender openings that elegantly filter the light, while the decorative, minimalist briar root structure makes the Morpeth lamp a versatile, modern accessory.

Price List

Prices exclude tax and start from:


Stowe sofa: £9,090 $21,170 €9.720

Stamford four seat sofa: £12,510 $29,140 €13.380

Stamford chaise longue: £ 7,460 $17,380 € 7.980

Sherwood table: £12,370 $28,820 €13.230

Sherwood chairs: £4,090 $ 9,520 €4.370

Stamford bed: £5,910 $13,370 € 6.320

Eastgate cabinet: £19,340 $45,040 €20.680

Morpeth table lamp: £3,220 $ 7,490 €3.440