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If you visit Motor1 regularly, you’ll probably already know Bentley is not just a car brand. It’s a whole culture. Name it a way of life, if you want. It’s a name you could also find on a home sound system or an ultra-posh picnic set. There’s also a clothing brand with that name, but that's a whole different story.

If the idea for a Bentley audio system for your house sounds interesting to you, we have more good news – now there’s a new furniture collection to match your taste and your love for everything Bentley. It’s made in Italy and is designed by the architect Carlo Colombo.

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The furniture, Bentley Home says, focuses on the study of proportions and forms, outlining “well-balanced concepts featuring classical volumes full of refined details.” It uses materials such as maple and eucalyptus woods, and different leather covers.

Bentley furniture collection
Bentley furniture collection
Bentley furniture collection

The Collection, as is the official name of the… well, collection, consists of eight elements – two sofas, a chaise lounge, a table, a set of chairs, a bed, a cabinet, and a lamp. You can take a look at the prices of the different details at the press release section below, but we will tell you the complete set costs $171,930. You'll probably be able to get a silver or carat-gold-plated retractable “Flying B” badge for you Mulsanne for that money, but that's just an idea.

The Collection is being presented at this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Italy.

Source: Bentley Home

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