This is the Barbie edition Fiat 500 show car, and our author thinks he's going to be sick.

Cute small cars have often had the problem of attracting male customers, and Fiat is not making it any easier. The company has introduced a Barbie Fiat 500 show car meant to celebrate the iconic doll's 50th birthday.

The car company managed to replicate the well-known, bright, Barbie pink lacquer color for the vehicle, with the intention of making it look like the 500 was coated in varnish. The pink and cream Alcantara seats are laminated in silver, with a glimmer that "bounces as far as the roof panel." Interior bezels, hubcaps, window mouldings, and the attena are lined in crystals. Crystals are also used to replicate Barbie's silhouette on the pillars. A vanity mirror wrapped in LEDs is built in, while a variety of lip gloss is included in the glove box. This insures that a new generation of women will pay more attention to putting on makeup while driving, instead of the road they are driving on. Floor mats lined in silk make us wonder if girls' feet get dirty, too.

One nice feature is the included car cover, which wraps the Fiat 500 nuovo in a portrait of a car from the 1960s.

Barbie's Fiat 500 will be introduced to the public on 9 March 2009, as it races through Milan's bustling fashion district to the La Rinascente department store in the famous Piazza Duomo. On-board will be Barbie, with Ken behind the wheel. Its a good thing Ken doesn't have genitalia. Our testicles shriveled just reading about this car.