Design students have come up with these three supercar models for DR Motor Company. The crowd favorite will get the nod and become a production vehicle. Vote on your favorite.

Italian firm DR Motor Company has partnered up with one of Europe's top design academies to bring three 1:4 scale supercar models to the Geneva Motor Show. Transportation Design masters students from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin created the concept models as part of their working collaboration with DR.

DR Motor Company is better known as the three-year old business that imports Chinese-brand Chery vehicles into Italy. Final assembly of their vehicles is done at company HQ in Molise, Italy. This supercar project is definitely a different direction for the firm.

The cars include the blue-colored DR Action (designers: Stefano Cornetto, Taekun Choi), the DR Soul in orange (designers: Jorge Andres Pinilla Fonseca, Jorge Eduardo Manzano Meléndez), and the red DR Spirit (designers: Pablo Agustin Perez and Siddharth Durbhakula). Those designers, and seven of their colleagues, introduced a total of thirteen scale models to DR Motors. DR is showing off their favorite three, with the request that international media give an opinion on the vehicles. One model will be developed into a full-size prototype, eventually becoming the first DR supercar.

DR did not make it clear if the final product would be built in China and assebled in Italy, like their other cars.

So vote on your favorite in the online poll, and let your thoughts be known by posting a comment below. Our favorite seems to be the red DR Spirit model, but as editor extraordinaire Clinton Deacon points out, its picture is at the most appealing angle of the three.

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