Kia's No 3 concept breaks ground at Geneva, featuring upscale appointments and Kia's new family styling on a B-segment MPV

Kia continues its trend of fun, lighthearted concepts and production cars this week with the official unveiling of the No 3 concept car in Geneva. This compact MPV illustrates the versatility of small cars, as well as presenting another facet of Kia's new face to the world. With an overall length of just 4045mm (just over 13 ft.) the No 3 is maneuverable enough for congested city streets, yet it's large enough on the inside to seat four or five passengers. Kia says the No 3 provides C-segment space inside a B-segment body.

What sets the No 3 apart from the average MPV is the looks, of course. The large headlamps and unique grille shape are part of Kia's new corporate look, which scores high on the curb-recognition meter. There's more than a hint of the new Soul in it, which isn't a surprise. The windshield extends into a panoramic glass roof, creating an airy cabin. Gloss white trim stands out against the titanium paint. Large 19-inch wheels, short overhangs and exaggerated wheel arches provide a sporty look. A high-tech, high-class interior is also in place, as is properly fitting of a concept car. The No 3's high style stands as a reminder that Kias don't necessarily look as inexpensive as they are any more.

Kia doesn't have much to say about the No 3's drivetrain. This is probably because it's a harbinger of a production model, the YN, that's set to debut later this year, possibly at Frankfurt.

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