These pictures of the extreme Ferrari 599XX Concept were taken while security personnel at the Geneva Motor Show were unawares. It officially breaks cover on the morning of March 3.

Thanks to a lack of security at the Geneva PalExpo Centre these images of a Ferrari 599XX are out in the open for everyone's enjoyment less than 24 hours before Ferrari is supposed to officially uncover the car. As can be seen in the pics the F60 F1 challenger will be shown in the same event. Details are understandably quite scarce at the moment but the 599XX is set to be the most extreme 599 GTB Fiorano ever seen. We wouldn't be surprised if Michael Schumacher was extensively involved in its development.

It will apply Ferrari's F1 know-how as well as lightweight construction to enhance performance in every way. We see that massive rear diffuser, the small rear wing made of what looks like carbon fiber, and a dark roof. Side wings appear to stick out from the C pillar, the dark wheels sport big Ferrari brakes and the tyres are quite slick.

Ferrari is expected to produce the 599XX in very limited numbers, possibly for faithful Ferrari owners who will be hand-picked from an already small pool. By afternoon on the 3rd of March all details and pictures regarding the 599XX will be posted on WCF.