Cadillac CTS-V goes for a whopper at a charity auction. The super duper Caddy saloon went to a cigar mogul who probably thought he picked up a bargain.

Cano Ozgener. It may be just a name amongst a list of little newborn babies in a hospital, or Wall Street bankers, or movie credits. Not a chance this time. Ozgener is founder of CAO International, a company in the cigar business. He is now the proud owner of the world’s first Cadillac CTS-V. He will be sending a clean new check for $75,000 bound for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, who are the beneficiaries of the auction at which he bought the car. The auction featured in “A Night to Remember,” a glittering evening of fine food, wine and cigars, now in its 17th year, hosted by Cigar Aficionado magazine and sponsored in part by Cadillac.

“Cadillac is proud of our longtime association with this great event on behalf of prostate cancer research and treatment,” said Cadillac general manager Jim Taylor. “We congratulate Mr. Ozgener, both for making a generous bid benefiting a great charity, and for joining a very elite club of new CTS-V owners.”

Ozgener will be enjoying the full benefits of alcantara luxury cocooning an interior from which he will be able to roll down his electric windows and hear 550 horses on a full trot, generated by the supercharged 6.2-liter V8. CTS-V also features what GM says is the world’s fastest reacting suspension system Magnetic Ride Control.

First Cadillac CTS-V Sells for $75,000