The first ever front flip scored Mad Scientist a win at the Monster Jam World Finals.

Last week Lee O’Donnell – aka Mad Scientist – pulled off a trick that had never been done by a monster truck before it. The jaw-dropping front flip was just one of many amazing feats completed by the truck in front of crowds at the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas… and it was done completely by accident.

According to Fox Sports, driver Lee O’Donnell admitted after the fact that not even he expected his truck to pull off the trick. "I had tried the maneuver in Detroit a few weeks earlier and it didn’t work out so well," said O’Donnell. "I thought we were going to ride the slap-wheelie, hit the ramp, go to the front bumper and then back to the wheels again."

Though O’Donnell and his team had been practicing the move weeks earlier, he had no idea that when he hit the ramp in Vegas, that a front flip would be the result. The flip took place in the final stages of Mad Scientist’s freestyle run at the World Finals, and accented a backflip that had been done earlier in the run.

"I’d done a backflip off the container maybe the move or two before and I could feel the crowd and they got pumped over that," said O’Donnell.

The run scored Mad Scientist a final score of 9.355, securing the win at the World Finals. Neil Elliot finished second with a score of 9.316, coming close to knocking O’Donnell out of the top spot. O’Donnell says that he’s watched the front flip video over 1,000 times himself, and even still he’s not entirely sure how he was able to do the trick.

"Everybody says 'I’ve watched it 100 times,' and I’ve watched it probably 1,000 times, and I still can’t believe it and I’m like 'alright, how am i ever going to do that again?'" If you haven’t seen the video for some reason, check it out above.

Source: Fox Sports

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