You might never see the Apple emblem in a car's grille, but firm's tech might still take you on a future journey.

Apple is no longer working at developing its own car, but the latest evidence suggests that the tech giant remains serious about engineering automotive technology. Documents from February indicate that Apple and massive auto supplier Robert Bosch might be working together on the undertaking, according to Automotive News.

Apple Car renderings by Motor1

Neither company is saying what exactly they are developing together. According to Automotive News, the Bosch office where Apple works handles the development of sensors and electronic control units. Plus, maintaining a relationship with a major player in the auto industry keeps the Silicon Valley firm abreast of the cutting edge tech in the segment.

Apple already has a foot in the auto industry through its CarPlay smartphone mirroring system. The tech is rapidly becoming a ubiquitous feature for the latest infotainment systems.

The news about the Apple car’s future kept getting during the second half of 2016. Starting in July, the company reportedly pushed back the vehicle’s introduction to 2021 from 2019 previously. The firm allegedly removed dozens of people from the project in September and followed by cutting hundreds more in October.

Apple reportedly decided to shift focus towards developing the sensors and software more making autonomous driving possible, rather than creating an entire vehicle The tech giant’s execs allegedly gave the remaining team until late 2017 to prove that their self-driving innovations could work. 

A lack of steady leadership was reportedly the biggest factor in the demise for the Apple car project. For example, the undertaking went through multiple bosses, and each person had a different vision for moving forward. There were also allegedly issues with finding parts suppliers that were willing to meet Apple’s terms.

Source: Automotive News

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