Will utilize the same platform as the forthcoming all-new Volvo S40.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you probably know Geely has a new sub-brand called “Lynk & Co.” The newly founded marque has a very straightforward nomenclature considering the first production model is simply called “01.” The latter takes the shape of a compact crossover related to the yet unreleased Volvo XC40. As a matter of fact, you can actually see it in some of the adjacent spy photos from Southern Europe where it was being tested alongside a sedan.

As the name implies, the Lynk & Co 02 will be the brand’s second production car and is expected to arrive at some point in 2018 initially in China, with plans for a launch in United States and Europe at a later date. Because of all the camouflage, there’s not much to say at this point about the car’s design, but we’re not expecting anything extraordinary considering we are dealing with a conventional sedan. A more upmarket version of the car will come from Geely-owned Volvo, which is set to introduce its all-new S40 quite possibly in 2018.

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Besides the 01 crossover and the 02 sedan, Lynk & Co is also cooking up a third model, but its identity is not known at this point. These cars will ride on Volvo’s new CMA platform and will take advantage of the safety tech developed by the Swedes. In addition, Geely’s new brand will bet big on connectivity, with the aforementioned 01 billed as being “the most connected car to date” always linked to the Internet.

The 01 was previewed by a concept towards the end of last year and will make its debut in full production guise later this month at Auto Shanghai 2017 before going on sale locally in the fourth quarter of the year. The compact crossover was due to hit U.S. and European markets next year, but the launch in those regions has been pushed back until Q1 2019. As for the sedan spotted here for the first time, it will be out after the 01.

Between now and the market launches of these cars, maybe they'll do something about the rather uninspiring names...

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