There are tweets longer than the paltry text in Infiniti's teaser for this huge reveal.

Infiniti is offering an incredibly enigmatic teaser for the QX80 Monograph at the New York Auto Show. We’ll save you the time of scrolling down to read the press release by putting the whole thing here: “Huge unveil. 11 April 2017. New York.” 


The accompanying photo offers a few more hints, though. It shows a QX80 with a complete overhaul at the front end. LED headlights now sit higher on the fenders. The hood has additional sculpting. The windshield appears to wrap around further, and the front fascia features a huge intake at the corner. 

The QX80 Monograph’s vastly different appearance indicates there’s a serious overhaul on the way for the luxury SUV, or this could possibly be a concept previewing a whole new generation. It’s possible that Infiniti is looking to differentiate the model from its platform-mate the latest Nissan Armada.

There’s room for the QX80 to improve, too. Last year, Motor1 Managing Editor Steven Ewing wrote in his First Drive for the 2017 Armada:

“Coincidentally, I drove a QX80 about a week before attending the Armada launch program, and honestly, I bet if you asked me to drive the two back to back, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The Nissan is just as quiet and refined as the Infiniti, and feels like your typical smoothed-out, truck-based SUV.”


Whether the QX80 receives a completely new generation or just a serious overhaul, the new probably doesn’t arrive until the latter portion of 2017 at the earliest. The reason being: Infiniti is launching the 2017 QX80 Signature Edition in May, and the company would likely want to sell a run of these before introducing a major update.

The existing QX80 comes with a 5.6-liter V8 that makes 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and a seven-speed automatic gearbox is the only available transmission. Buyers have the choice whether the drivetrain routes power to the rear wheels or through a four-wheel-drive system.

Source: Infiniti

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INFINITI teases New York unveil

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