Spoiler alert: We are very cross with Honda right now.

Honda, if this is an April Fools prank we’re going to be very cross with you. That’s because America desperately needs Honda Horn Emojis in our lives. Imagine sitting in gridlock, listening to a cheerful automotive choir instead of the lifeless, dissonant, monotone droning we’ve come to accept. There’s even a silent horn tone in this system that only our canine friends can hear. How thoughtful is that?

In short, this new gimmick from Honda offers a range of horn sounds to match moods and driving conditions drivers often face. The various horn sounds are controlled through a series of easily accessible buttons on the steering wheel, identifiable by a series of emojis that anyone familiar with texting and chatting (that would be everyone, except the crazy old cat-lady at the end of the block) will easily recognize.


Honda Horn Emoji


"Horns have been around for over a century, but little has been done to make these sound-making devices a personal expression of the driver's emotions like we're doing with the all-new Honda Odyssey," said Alice Alerto, the Honda engineer in charge of horn development, in a press release about the new system. "We have exhaustively researched and tested these new Honda Horn Emojis to offer the industry's most advanced in-vehicle technology in the minivan segment."

In developing the system, Honda utilized data compiled by social scientists and audiologists to create a horn system that could best communicate emotions to other drivers. Engineers then undertook “a rigorous development process” to install buttons on a steering wheel, thus bringing Honda Horn Emojis to life.

Honda touts the new system as the most advanced horn arrangement for driver communication, but we think the Duke boys might have something to say about that. Regardless, when it debuts exclusively for the 2018 Honda Odyssey, it could revolutionize road rage and dash cam videos on YouTube for days, possibly even weeks.

That is, if it were real.

Source: Honda


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