Getting a new Porsche into the showroom means hours of prototype testing on the track, in the wind tunnel, and through crash testing.

Porsche's latest video countdown switches gears by focusing on the punishment that the brand's vehicles go through before hitting the road instead of shining a light on the actual models. As our frequent spy shots show, a car can spend years on the road under camouflage before the sheet comes off at an auto show. 

Porsche has been developing its models at the test center in Weissach, Germany, since 1966. This clip mixes some fantastic vintage footage and the modern looks at the facility. The company starts at the skid pad where it shows a classic 911s and a 959 sliding around. Eventually, the cameras go into the wind tunnel for some shots of classic race cars.

Porsche Test Video
Porsche Test Video

The test track is the heart of Weissach. The company uses the course for developing models that eventually hit the road and also the ones that eventually take the checkered flag at the track. To cater for so many uses, Porsche's engineers can challenge the prototypes through obstacles like potholes, a salt water bath, and even a jump. A separate lane of the circuit doesn't have these challenges, so the workers can focus on tuning for maximum speed.

Taking a Porsche Cayenne on an off-road trail seems like a rare occurrence for the vast majority owners, but the company makes sure the feat is possible on its other test course. The crossovers crash through puddles and climb hills there.

Porsche Test Video
Porsche Test Video

Crash testing has been a normal part of auto development for decades. Porsche digs into its archives in this clip to show the destruction of several classic models – some of which are worth a bundle of money today. The Cayenne, 924, 928, 914, and multiple generations of 911 take serious punishment here in hopes that occupants would be safe if an incident happens in the real world.

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