Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador Mick Schumacher is back in the third installment of the five-part web series about the eventful journey to obtain his driver’s license now that he’s 18 and legally allowed to drive. After learning the fundamentals of a vehicle and how to navigate a roundabout in previous episodes, “Quick Mick” must now learn how to park a car, in this case an AMG A45 with 375 horsepower on tap.

His driving instructor, German comedian Markus Stoll better known as “Harry G,” teaches him how to maneuver the hot hatch in a tight spot, but the video shows he’s not very good at his job as he fails to park the Mercedes from his first attempt. He eventually manages to put the A45 between two other models bearing the three-pointed star logo. As a matter of fact, almost the entire parking lot is occupied by Mercedes models, along with a couple of BMWs, Smarts, and a third-generation Volkswagen Golf.

Watch the previous two episodes:

The two then switch seats and Michael Schumacher’s son gets behind the wheel to show off his skills. With him being a proper race car driver and competing in Formula 3, it’s no wonder Mick parks the A45 from his first try and does it at a fast pace to the surprise of his driving instructor. After all, he started his motorsport career in karting back in 2008, so he knows a thing or two about how to complete such a simple task.

At the end of the clip, some pretty girls like the ones you see on the starting grid of a race begin to cheer “Quick Mick” for his maneuver to further shock his teacher who is rendered speechless.

The remaining two episodes of “Fahrschule (driving school) Furious” are going to be posted on the company’s official YouTube channel in the coming days and at least in one of them we’ll get to see soccer player Mesut Özil.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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