This probably isn't what Ford means when referring to the Fiesta ST as a hot hatch.

Ford is issuing a quartet of recalls in the United States, including one for a potential engine fire.

Models with the 1.6-liter turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder could be at risk for fire because a lack of coolant circulation could cause the cylinder head to crack, resulting in an oil leak. The company has 29 reports of blazes with a possible connection to this problem, but there are no injuries. The issue affects:

Ford is recalling 230,756 vehicles in North America for this fire risk, including 208,584 in the United States, 21,854 in Canada, and 318 in Mexico.

As a repair, dealers are adding a coolant level sensor and the supporting software. According to Ford spokesperson Elizabeth Weigandt, the existing models don't have this component, which is rather commonplace in other vehicles. The company will have the parts ready in the fourth quarter of the year, she told Motor1. In the meantime, owners will receive letters that will show them how to check and refill their vehicle's coolant, including specific under hood photos with instructions for the affected product.


The automaker will also recall vehicles for issues with the doors not latching and potentially opening while driving. This issue affects 210,619 vehicles in North America, including 191,432 in the United States, 10,996 in Canada, and 8,191 in Mexico. The company knows of no injuries in the newly added population of products. The recalled models are the:

Specifically, the “pawl spring tab” in the latches can break, which keeps the door from staying shut. Dealers will install “more robust” parts on all four doors, according to Ford.



In addition, the Blue Oval recalling 548 units of the 2017 F-450 and F-550 to replace the driveshaft, including 509 of them in the U.S and 39 Canada. The part can vibrate while driving, and this resonance frequency at speeds above 75 miles per hour can cause components to fracture. There are no known accidents or injuries.

Dealers will replace the current two-piece driveshaft with a three-piece part. The trucks will also get two new center bearing brackets.


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Finally, the company will recall 111 examples of the 2017 Edge, including 84 of them in the United States, 26 in Canada, and 1 in Mexico. The crossovers are missing welds along the windshield header sheet metal, and this could reduce structural rigidity. The issue might increase the risk of injury in a side-impact crash, according to Ford. There are no known accidents or injuries at this time. According to Weigandt, the company doesn't yet have specific details about dealers' repair procedure or when the fixes begin.

Source: Ford

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