Announces the Czech brand's intentions to have five EVs on sale by 2025.

Ready to make its public debut next month at the Shanghai Motor Show, the Vision E Concept is Skoda’s way of announcing its green push in the forthcoming years. It takes the shape of a five-door coupe-SUV mashup with a very interesting exterior design, although for now we only have design sketches and everyone knows these are more attractive than the real deal.

Noticeable are the very short front and rear overhangs, the typical oversized wheels you’ll find on most recent concepts, and the lack of a conventional B-pillar. Thanks to a long wheelbase of 2,850 mm (112 inches), the Vision E aims to provide a roomy interior, as one would expect from a Skoda-badged car. The styling might be a taste of things to come as far as a Kodiaq Coupe, which has already been confirmed to arrive by 2019, at least in China:

Skoda SUVs for China slideshow
Skoda SUVs for China slideshow

At the heart of the showcar is an all-electric powertrain delivering a total output of 300 horsepower (225 kilowatts), providing the coupe-SUV with a top speed of 112 mph (180 kph). Skoda isn’t saying a word about the 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) sprint time, but it does mention the concept “accelerates instantaneously and dynamically.” It goes on to specify the vehicle boasts an all-wheel-drive layout and comes with a lithium-ion battery pack providing enough juice for 310 miles (500 kilometers) between charges.

Aside from signaling the brand’s EV intentions, the Vision E is also a preview of Skoda’s autonomous driving systems, as the car is smart enough to drive on its own in the city and on the motorways. The Czech marque mentions the onboard computers, sensors, and cameras all work together to allow the vehicle perform overtaking maneuvers as well as stay in its lane and swerve. Not only that, but the coupe-SUV can find an empty parking space, occupy it, and then drive off without any human assistance.

Skoda’s very first electrified production car will be the flagship Superb, which is destined to receive a plug-in hybrid powertrain in 2019. A year later, a pure EV is going to be launched and will ride on the Volkswagen Group’s new MEB platform. By the middle of the next decade, Skoda is going to have a total of five all-electric models on sale in various segments.

Source: Skoda

Gallery: 2017 Skoda Vision E teaser

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With the VISION E, ŠKODA offers a glimpse into the company’s future. The concept car is the first purely electric vehicle in ŠKODA’s history.
› World premiere: ŠKODA’s first electric-study VISION debuts at Shanghai Motor Show 2017
› Looking to the future: VISION E gives an insight into ŠKODA’s electromobility strategy
› Wide range: Five electric vehicles in various segments by 2025
› Start: ŠKODA SUPERB with plug-in hybrid drive coming in 2019
› Autonomous Driving: ŠKODA VISION E meets level-3 requirements

Mladá Boleslav, 29 March 2017 – ŠKODA’s appearance at the Shanghai Motor Show 2017 (19 – 28 April) is characterized by electric change: With the Vision E study, the company provides its first brand-specific outlook on the future of individual mobility. The emotionally designed five-door SUV coupé can travel up to 500 kilometres on purely electric power and meets the level 3 requirements for autonomous driving. ŠKODA is intensively perusing the electrification of its model range, and will be offering five purely electric models in various segments by 2025.

Tomorrow’s mobility – planning and development is in full swing at ŠKODA. The first purely electrically driven and autonomous driving concept car in the company’s history embodies the brand’s interpretation of electric vehicles.

At 4,645 mm long, 1,917 mm wide and 1,550 mm tall, the ŠKODA VISION E has great road presence. Thanks to the long wheelbase of 2,850 mm, as well as the short overhangs at the front and rear, the designers have created an extremely spacious interior – as always with ŠKODA. In the future-oriented vehicle concept, the elevated seating position typical of SUV models and the generous space combine with a dynamic silhouette and gently sloping roof line in the style of a coupé.

Thanks to the system output of 225 kW, the ŠKODA VISION E accelerates instantaneously and dynamically. The top speed is 180 km/h. The powerful lithium-ion batteries and optimal recuperation allow a range of up to 500 kilometres. Thanks to intelligent management, the two electric engines cooperate with maximum efficiency and drive the ŠKODA VISION E over all four wheels. The front- and rear-wheel drive is suitably adjusted to ensure the highest degree of stability, dynamism and safety at all times.

With the VISION E, ŠKODA is also providing an outlook on the forms of autonomous driving coming soon. According to the latest surveys, around 15 percent of all new cars could be driving completely autonomously in 2030. The concept car ŠKODA VISION E achieves the prerequisites for level 3 autonomous driving: It can operate independently in traffic jams, go into autopilot on motorways, stay in lane and swerve, carry out overtaking manoeuvres, independently search for free parking spaces and park and leave parking spaces alone. To enable this, various sensors with different ranges and numerous cameras constantly monitor the traffic situation.

Electric mobility strategy
Electromobility plays a key role in the company’s global growth strategy. ŠKODA develops its own vehicle concepts for purely electric mobility on the basis of the MEB Group platform.

The electrification of ŠKODA’s model range will begin as early as 2019 with the launch of the ŠKODA SUPERB with plug-in hybrid drive. ŠKODA’s first purely electric series-produced vehicle will be released shortly afterwards in 2020. By 2025, the brand will have expanded its range to include five purely electric cars in various segments.