British consumers set to take the hit for cost increases stemming from Bentley's Eurozone-sourced components.

The depreciation of Sterling vs. the Euro has forced British car maker Bentley to hike the list price of its entire range in the UK. With many of the firm's components sourced from Eurozone suppliers, the 18% drop in the Pound vs. the Euro in the last year has increased unit costs significantly enough that a 5% increase in the retail price has been deemed necessary - even in the current sales climate.

The news is however of little consequence to Bentley's largest market, the US, Europe and the emerging markets of China and Russia, where prices remain unchanged. "Sales to the Euro-zone provide us with a natural hedge against our Euro denominated costs, so we are able to avoid any price increases in other European [and overseas] markets," said Stuart McCullough, Board Member For Sales & Marketing.

The price increase takes effect for all orders taken after 31st March. Prices from April will start at £123,800 for the Continental GT. The Press Release contains the full list of updated prices.

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