BMW will display an X3 outfitted as an emergency rescue vehicle at Geneva, showing off the X3's capability and potential as a remote rapid-response vehicle.

This car isn't as far-fetched as it might at first seem. BMW's high-performance vehicles have been used as police vehicles in the past, and now the X3 is following in that tradition. At the Geneva show, BMW will display an X3 xDrive20d emergency rescue vehicle, outfitted to show the capabilities of the compact sport-activity vehicle.

If there's any category of vehicles that can benefit from the responsive and confident handling that BMW has made into an art form, it's the emergency rescue class, of course. BMW's display X3 has been outfitted with the required blue rooftop lights, siren and red and white emergency livery. Additional lighting in the trunk provides safety when the vehicle is stopped at the roadside. The interior has a cargo cage and radio, and mechanical changes are limited to an extra 12-volt battery to help power the emergency equipment.

The X3 emergency vehicle uses the 130kW (177hp) running gear of the X3 xDrive 20d unchanged. The xDrive all-wheel drive means it's unlikely to be hampered by bad weather, making it a good choice for emergency operations in remote locations. Though BMW intends the vehicle to highlight its specialty-vehicle lineup, it hasn't announced any plans for a campaign to get the X3 into widespread rescue use.

BMW to Display X3 xDrive20d Emergency Rescue Vehicle in Geneva