Available are front and rear spoilers, side skirts and a roof spoiler. Caractere designed 18 and 19-inch wheels are also part of the styling kit.

Feel like giving your A3 a facelift of your own? Well, Caractere has just the right goodies for you.

Caractere, which means 'character', is a Belgian tuner which offers what they have termed "design programs" for the VW, Audi and Porsche brands. They have just released their design offerings for the facelifted A3.

Available in the styling kit is a 2-piece front spoiler which, unfortunately, is not compatible with an S-Line package. There's a set of side skirts and two different roof spoilers, with a special one for the A3 Sportback. A rear spoiler with exhaust is also included with L & R tips. For the QUATTRO version only the spoiler without exhaust is a fit.

Caractere guarantees all parts with a 5-year warranty (2 for exhausts) and components are TÜV compliant in Germany. Parts are made with PU Rim, a special form of plastic that provides greater elasticity which is optimal for spoilers and skirts.

Also included in the program are Caractere designed 18 and 19-inch wheels.

Visit http://www.caractere.com/ for more details.


Audi A3 Facelift by Caractere