You don't want to be on the wrong side of this riot control vehicle's expanding wall.

When it comes to dealing with rioters, the Slovakian firm Bozena offers some truly heavy artillery. Forget seeing a wall of rioters in protective gear, this scary beast that the company simply calls the Riot mounts an articulating shield on an armored tractor. A front-mounted water cannon and four tear gas sprayers keep anyone from getting too close. 

The Riot should offer law enforcement plenty of security. The massive shield in front weighs 6,614 pounds (3,000 kilograms) and has three deployable sections that allow the obstacle to measure between 14.8 feet (4.5 meters) and 24.6 feet (7.5 meters) wide. Bullet-resistant glass and armored steel plates offer protection from a 7.62x51 mm NATO ball round. Opening panels let the police shoot outward. The whole thing can also articulate upward for letting the cops through.

Bozena Riot

The tractor that propels the shield also has bullet-resistant panels and a fire suppression system. The driver can operate a water cannon remotely. A network of cameras provides a complete view for the vehicle’s front and rear. A 140-horsepower diesel engine lets this beast creep forward or reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour).

Bozena Riot

As if these two pieces aren’t enough, law enforcement can also hook up a water trailer to the back of the tractor. It can carry 792.5 gallons of water (3,000 liters) on board. If there’s a local water source like a hydrant or even a river, the rig can also suck water from there. As if being shot from the cannon isn’t bad enough, a separate tank carries 26 gallons (100 liters) for foam or additives like pepper that would mix into the water.

Check out the video below for a demonstration of the capabilities from an earlier version of the Riot. Rather than using a tractor for propulsion, this one had a remote-controlled skidsteer loader with the shield at the front. It offered the same protection area but was only able to achieve a top speed of about 6 mph (9 kph).

Source: Bozena via Gizmodo

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