David Brown Automotive reinvigorated the coachbuilding market with the introduction of its first Speedback GT prototype in 2014. And just last month, we saw a pair of production Speedbacks make their debut in Geneva. Now, the British company is looking to add a second vehicle to its retro lineup… we just don’t know what it is yet.

The company has so cleverly named its second build 'Project 2' internally. We should see it sometime in the next few months – with a different name  – and it will be built at their new 18,000 square-foot facility in Silverstone alongside the GT. 

When completed, the vehicle will celebrate the "best of British [motoring]," and will "blend high-quality, traditional coach building techniques and modern technologies." This new project has been a long time coming, according to company founder David Brown.

David Brown Speedback GT union jack

"We’ve been working on Project 2 for over a year, it’s an idea that I had right at the start of Speedback GT’s story and sits beautifully alongside it. Using our core mantra of classic styling, beautiful craftsmanship and modern technology, Project 2 is a fusion of the brand’s values, with quintessential British design and craftsmanship at the heart. We’ve had a lot of fun with the new car and I can’t wait to reveal it in full."

For now, interested David Brown buyers will have to make due with the handsome Speedback GT, which comes with a 510-horsepower (380-kilowatt) supercharged V8, a 0 to 60 mph (96 kilometers per hour) sprint of just 4.6 seconds, and plenty of retro charm. No word on pricing yet for the upcoming Project 2, but buyers can pick up the base Speedback GT for £495,000 ($622,000).

Source: David Brown Automotive

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