In his latest video, French prankster Rémi Gaillard takes on the roll of a roadside worker who wrecks havoc on traffic and gives drivers an eyeful of stuff they probably don’t want to see – like his penis. Fair warning: there’s harsh language that might not be safe for work in this clip. We are thankful that Gaillard blurs out the nudity, though. 

Gaillard isn’t afraid to put himself in danger for a joke. Using a weed whacker without pants seems like a good way to get a nasty injury. Plus, he’s probably lucky not to be beat up after applying spackle to a construction worker’s exposed butt crack. 

Remi Gaillard Road Pranks

Stunts like sitting on the toilet in a construction zone or eating a sandwich in a head-to-toe black suit aren’t nearly as dangerous, but they would certainly grab motorists’ attention. Essentially, Gaillard combines the wordless antics of Mr. Bean with the provocative stunts from Jackass.

Either the French are far more courteous than folks in North America, or Gaillard is staging some of these stunts. For example, the prankster puts up a no entrance sign just has a guy is about to exit an escalator. Instead of stepping around the new warning, the man turns around and starts running the wrong way up the steps. In another scene, a driver who is trapped in a roundabout never appears simply to drive around one of the obstacles, despite seeing Gaillard put the final one into place.

Gaillard has had huge success with automotive pranks in the past. In 2008, he parodied Mario Kart by dressing as the Nintendo mascot and driving a go kart on public roads. That clip has garnered over 70 million views. In 2012, he dressed as a speed camera and chased after traffic while taking photos.

Source: Rémi Gaillard

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