Porsche's Motorsport division just announced they will take two Porsche RS Spyder racecars to the 24 Hours of Le Mans race held in June. The cars will be run by two different teams, Japan's NAVI Team Goh and Denmark's Essex Squad.

Porsche will also provide drivers Sascha Maassen from Germany and Emmanuel Collard from France to assist the teams. Together, they hope to make a repeat performance of last year's RS Spyder double victory in the LMP2 class. Maassen was one of the RS Spyder drivers during last year's race, and this year he'll be teamed up with Japanese Le Mans driver Seiji Ara and Formula 3 racer Keisuke Kunimoto. As NAVI Team Goh they will stay with the same winning Porsche RS Spyder tuned by Van Merksteijn Motorsport that brought them good luck last year. The car's 3.4-liter V8 engine has been brought down from its peak of 476 hp to 440 hp due to the new air-restrictors required by Le Mans. Regulations also changed the size and shape of the rear wing and underbody.

Essex driver Collard is flanked again by Denmark's Casper Elgaard and Kristian Poulsen. Together they brought a second place finish in the LMP2 class of the race.

Both teams can be seen during their Le Mans performance from 13 to 14 June 2009.

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