Mad Scientist stunned the crowd in Vegas with the dramatic flip.

At this past weekend’s Monster Jam Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada, a monster truck has done what no monster truck before it has done: a successful front flip. The gravity-defying flip was accomplished by driver Lee O’Donnell, also known as 'Mad Scientist,' and many thought it was an accident.

But it was no accident, O'Donnell says that it was a well-calculated move that he and his team have been practicing. It starts off with the nose of the truck in the air. As he barrels toward the plateau'd launch pad resting exclusively on his back wheels, he was able to launch the back end up and over the front, while pulling off a successful landing all the while.  

The video looks almost unbelievable, and continues the long history of crazy stunts pulled off by monster trucks throughout the history of the Monster Jam series. The first backflip, you might remember, was accomplished by the infamous Grave Digger in 2011 at the Monster Jam finals in Las Vegas.

Naturally, O'Donnell took home the freestyle title at Monster Jam XVIII with a final score of 9.355 out of 10. Max-D, driven by Neil Elliot, finished second with a score of 9.316, and Avenger, driven by Jim Koehler, finished in third with a score of 9.240.

The entire run can been seen in the video above. Fast forward to 2:21 to see the front flip in full.

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