You can see it while wearing polarized sunglasses.

Cars are becoming more like fighter jets every day. On-board radar, night-vision capability, touch screen controls, and lest we forget Tesla has an actual autopilot. Lincoln is further upping the ante with a new head-up display, and while these holographic-like systems have actually been in cars for decades, this one promises enhanced visibility that can still be seen through polarized sunglasses – an issue that’s long plagued such setups.

Lincoln is the first auto manufacturer to use Digital Light Projectction technology for a head-up display. Used in digital movie theaters, DLP allows the display to be more visible in natural light compared to other systems. It's also how information remains visible when viewed through sunglasses.


2017 Lincoln Continental head-up display


“We’ll be using a DLP chip from Texas Instruments, while many other automakers use a different technology that doesn’t get quite as bright,” said Anthony King, product design engineer for The Lincoln Motor Company, in a press release on the new heads up display. “That’s what sets us apart.”

The display is controlled via the steering wheel and is customizable to show a wide range of information, including speed, fuel level, temperature, and numerous other functions. Navigation system information and phone activity will automatically show up when the system is turned on. Specific brightness setting and display position can also be customized, and for those who prefer glancing at gauges, it can be completely turned off. 

The new head-up display system is exclusive to Lincoln and is scheduled to launch in April 2017 on the Continental. Whether or not that means it will remain with the brand exclusively or find its way to other Ford vehicles remains to be seen. But if it’s as good as Lincoln claims, don’t be surprised to see it as a Blue Oval option sooner rather than later. 

Source: Lincoln



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