Dominos parodies Matthew Broderick’s hilarious race home from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in a new commercial for its Tracker app. The spot shows an impressive attention to detail that nails the key elements of the original scene while cutting the fat from the original roughly four-minute runtime. Plus, Dominos charming looking Chevrolet Spark-based DXP delivery vehicle gets a major role.

Rather than Broderick, Joe Keery (who portrays Steve Harrington in Netflix’s Stranger Things) has the job of shortcutting through suburbia to get his pizza on time. Where Bueller's dad in the movie drives an Audi 5000, Alan Ruck, who plays Cameron in the original film, rolls by in a modern A4. In an especially clever touch, he’s even wearing the same attire as his melancholic character from 1986. Audi apparently thought the homage was rather funny, too.


According to AdWeek, the advertising agency shot the ad at the same house as in the movie. Some of the backyards appear almost identical to the original film from 1986. There are 60-, 30- and 15-second versions airing on television, but the version above is the extra-long cut that has the most references to the film.

Another ad also has Keery parodying Bueller and using Amazon Alexa to order his pizza. We definitely prefer the other spot, though.

The automotive star of the original was a Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder or at least a replica of one. The firm Modena Design made three of them for the movie, but only one survived. Mecum auction that example in 2013. Last year, a legit California Spyder sold for $17.16 million at Amelia Island. 

If you have forgotten the original scene or have never seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, you can watch it below.

Source: Adweek, Internet Movie Car Database

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