This awesome 3D rendering was made by design firm Vizualtech. Their client plans to build a mean reboot of the 1968 Mercury Cougar.

We have been pretty impressed with the 3D work that comes from Vizualtech, a design firm based in Sweden. Although they don't manufacture any of the cars they design, we certainly wish they would at least partner with an assembly facility. Some of the coolest computer auto designs we've seen to date, Vizualtech has previously displayed their version of a Volvo C30 Racecar and a Le Mans Dodge Challenger.

All that work got the Swedish company a new client. The as-yet unnamed customer went to the firm with plans to build a very powerful replica 1968 Mercury Cougar. It may just be us, but we think the designers were bang on target with this classic muscle car. With a big front bumper integrated into that long front-end, and new lower side body work make this car look excellent. Its new grille and front headlight covers almost makes the car look like something out of Death Race 2000.

Originally, the Cougar could be bought as a GT that came with a 6.4-liter Ford FE V8. The 390 cu in engine produced 265 hp.

Well, "the client" is definitely going a step further. They plan to put in a car rated for NASCAR races. That means it will be smaller, and definitely more powerful than the Ford engines originally supplied. A true NASCAR engine usually produces between 700 and 800 hp. The engine will be mated to a six-speed transmission. It will be lower to the ground, and ride on 9.5 x 17 Hoosier drag tires. A roll cage will also be built in.

Whoever that client is, we hope he sends us some pics of the finished product.

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