A rendering of the next Range Rover has appeared. Less is more for this futuristic LRX-based design, with lightweight materials and an aerodynamic shape dominating the exterior landscape.

Land Rover tends to take its time when it comes to replacing models. This applies especially to the Range Rover lineup. The current car was first introduced in 2002 and since facelifted versions are still being tested. It's not expected to debut anytime soon.

This rendering represents an idea of what the artist feels could be the next Range Rover. The basis is obviously the LRX Concept car which made its world debut at Geneva a year ago. With current buzzwords like ‘lightweight' and ‘economy' taking the front seat at the expense of words like ‘massive' and ‘power', the rendering focuses on the supposed use of lightweight materials.

Aerodynamism is important so the design is geared towards an SUV that cuts through the air as quickly and efficiently as possible. The use of LED lights will be as widespread as xenon technology within the next 10 years. Designers find it easy to work with LEDs because the diodes are flexible and give them lots of liberties with design. For this piece of art the artist has decided to keep the Range's classic lines as a way of preserving some of what we know as cars for future generations to marvel at.

Nothing was said of the powertrain but something like a hybrid or a full-on electric drive system would be the one used.


Rendered Speculation: Next Generation Range Rover