"Quick Mick" gets behind the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG A45 in a new funny web series.

Turning 18 is a joyous occasion considering in many countries around the world it makes you eligible to get a driver’s license. Even if your name is “Schumacher” and you’re a very talented Formula 3 driver, you still have to get your license like the Average Joe. Quick Mick just turned 18, so he’s currently taking lessons to earn his license in a funny new web series from Mercedes dubbed “Fahrschule Furious,” with “Fahrschule” meaning “driving school” in German.

While many driving school cars barely hit the three-digit horsepower mark, Mick Schumacher has the opportunity to learn how to drive on public roads with a Mercedes-AMG A45 packing a meaty 375 hp (280 kW). His instructor is German comedian Markus Stoll aka “Harry G” and in this first of five episodes he teaches Mick some of the basics, like how to check the oil level, where to find the warning triangle, and how to use the turn signals.

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During the “lesson,” Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador Mick receives a message from none other than Nico Rosberg, the recently retired Formula 1 champion. Michael Schumacher’s son also learns from the rather grumpy instructor how to fire up the hot hatch’s turbocharged 2.0-liter engine and use the gas pedal. With him being a race car driver, it doesn’t come as a big surprise he steps on the pedal a bit too hard at first.

The other four episodes are going to be released in the following three weeks and will star safety car driver Bernd Mayländer as well as soccer player Mesut Özil, with Linkin Park music playing in the background.

18-year-old Mick Schumacher is at Hungaroring these days with Prema Powerteam for the official pre-season Formula 3 test, ahead of the first race of the championship at Silverstone scheduled for next month.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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