New parts available for the 540C, 570S, and 570GT.

Owners of cars from the McLaren Sports Series range – the 540C, 570S, and 570GT – can now buy a range of accessories to protect and change the style of their supercar. The new parts collection is available now from McLaren around the world.

To start with, McLaren is now offering both indoor and outdoor covers to protect the Sports Series cars’ bodywork and paint, as well as new branded floor mats and cargo-area mats. There are even new “skid plates” designed to mount beneath the cars and protect the delicate front diffusers from scraping against curbs or speed bumps.

McLaren Sports Series Accessories
McLaren Sports Series Accessories

As to customization, McLaren plans to offer various new wheel designs, as well as various paint color options for the cars’ brake calipers. There are also new exterior carbon fiber replacement parts, all of which are said to save weight over the original parts. The range includes new side intakes, mirror covers, side skirts, front splitters, rear bumpers, rear spoilers, rear diffusers, and rear decklids.

For the inside, look for optional colored seatbelts, a carbon-fiber steering wheel, enlarged shift paddles, and available carbon trim for the switches and infotainment surround, upper speaker trim panel, and door sills.

Of course, there’s also the McLaren Special Operations range, which helps customers further tweak and personalize their new British supercar. MSO has shown off a variety of personalized cars recently, even including the new 720S that debuted earlier this month at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

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