Driveline preload lets the muscle car launch quicker and with less stress on the other expensive powertrain components.

The latest teaser for the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon offers even more reason for the muscle car to be the king of the quarter mile upon its release. The automaker believes the mean machine is the first production car ever to feature a Transbrake – a device commonly used in drag racing for quicker launches. 


When active, the Transbrake locks the automatic transmission’s output shaft, so the driver can build revs without creeping forward. While this would also be possible by holding down the brakes, Dodge’s setup lets drivers release the Transbrake with a simple pull of the paddle shifters. The company claims the Demon’s tech leads to 30 percent better reaction times than using the brakes.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Suspension Teaser

Suddenly causing such a spike of force on the powertrain could wear out the Challenger Demon’s expensive components, so the muscle car also preloads the driveline with torque prior to launch. Dodge claims doing so reduces the chance of damaging the parts and puts the power down better at launch.

Drag racers want to put as much power onto the road as possible; so on a rear-wheel-drive machine like the Challenger Demon, the front wheels aren’t doing very much. For further weight savings, Dodge’s new muscle car features lightweight brakes that allow for the fitment of skinny wheels at the front axle.

Dodge Challenger Demon Exhaust Teaser

Dodge’s engineers are doing everything in their power to make the Challenger Demon the ultimate factory-offered drag racer. The car features a high-tech launch system that lets it build more pressure in the supercharger, and when drivers do take off, an upgraded torque converter can handle the punishment. The adaptive suspension also has a setting for maximizing power transfer to the rear wheels. Plus, the team is installing a plethora of heavy-duty components for taking the higher loads.

The Challenger Demon’s teasers suggest the muscle car could make 757 horsepower (565 kilowatts), and we know the vehicle is at least 215 pounds (97.5 kilograms) lighter than a Hellcat by stripping away much of the interior. The Demon is still technically street legal, but the details so far suggest that it would be an incredibly raw machine on the road.

This is the 11th teaser outlining the Challenger Demon’s capabilities, and the slow debut is nearly over. Dodge will finally unveil its latest muscle car on April 11, during 2017 New York International Auto Show.

Source: Dodge 

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