Few details are available as Toyota tries to build suspense for the premiere of a new European-built model. Toyota will present the new model the evening before the first press day of the Geneva auto show with both engineers and executives on hand.

Toyota has taken being cryptic to a new level with the following press release.

The news is simple and very, very limited. Toyota will be premiering a new European-made model on the Monday night before the press days begin at the Geneva auto show next week.

That's it. That's the news.

If you want to know more, well, you're going to have to wait until they brief the journalists who will be in attendance there and those stories start to trickle out during the opening day of the auto show on Tuesday - unless it leaks out sooner.

That's how a good marketing team builds anticipation for a new car release and then hopes to dominate the news cycle on that very busy first day by satisfying all the suspense that's been created. Hey, times are tough and its a very competitive world out there and you can't fault Toyota for trying to build a little mystery show around their latest new model.

On hand that evening will be executives and engineers from Toyota Motor Europe to hopefully provide more details about what the car is about.

Will this be a new hybrid? A new plug-in hybrid? A fully-electric vehicle?

Who knows. We await with anticipation. Yes, Toyota you got us.

[UPDATE] Mystery model identified as all new 2009 Toyota Verso.