Please take our survey and help us determine if new site features currently in the planning stages are worth it.

Back in December we added an *edit* button to the comments section. We received such a positive response that we started thinking, "What else can we do to improve the WCF experience?" One thing led to another, and before we realized it, we were mapping out an entire social networking section for WCF with member profile pages, usability preference settings, customized news feeds/alerts, WCF friend list, photo album upload and more.

Taking the WCF experience concept a little further, we starting thinking about the unthinkable - an advertisement free WCF! Over the years we received many request to provide an ad free subscriber based version of WCF. For fear of alienating our core visitors who would not subscribe, we shied away from the idea. However, if both ad-supported and ad-free versions were provided, it could be a win/win situation for all.

So, before we go any further in our development, we thought it would be best to ask you first. We have put together a quick five question survey about a free social networking community integrated into WCF as well as an ad-free subscriber based version of WCF. It will only take two minutes to complete:

Recent Design Updates

During our brain storming sessions we also decided to clean up the site's appearance which included a shortened WCF header and revised navigation fly out menu. The menu now flies out to the right instead of downwards. As a result, for those who have wide screen monitors that run short, there's no need to scroll down to see all of the items in the menu. It's slightly easier to access now. On the article pages we increased the size of the top page photo and put it back in the middle of the page for increased visual impact. Lastly, in an effort to make WCF pages less confining, as darker colors tend to do, we changed the background color from dark gray to white. Perhaps it's not the prettiest shade but it gives WCF a more open feeling. These are just small design changes but we hope you'll agree they help take away some of the clutter.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below or email us at feedback[at]