Cars 3 arrives in theaters in the United States on June 16, and Pixar is keeping things fresh by adding some fresh wheels to the cast. We already have an idea about the roles of villain Jackson Storm and Lightning McQueen’s trainer Cruz Ramierez, but this video offers a look at some of the other new headlights for the franchise’s third outing.

Cars 3 Cast

While racers like McQueen and Storm get much of the attention, characters like Natalie Certain (above) give the on-track heroes the info that they need to take a checkered flag. Certain provides detailed intelligence about the other competitors, and Kerry Washington is providing her voice. The car’s design seems to take some cues from the super-smart Tesla Model S.

Cars 3 Cast

Trailers and scant plot info suggest that the film's plot has Lightning McQueen returning to American oval racing’s roots at dirt tracks as part of his effort to win again in the top league. Miss Fritter (above), a custom school bus that competes in the demolition derby, appears to be one of the new faces that McQueen meets during that journey. Her smokestack exhausts, chains, and the hanging license plates of defeated rivals give the character one of the meanest looks in the whole series. Lea DeLaria does the voice for the bus.

Cars 3 Cast

Nathan Fillion also joins the cast as Sterling (above), a character in charge of business for a racing center. His design appears to take major inspiration from a BMW 3.0 CS but with the addition of some Aston Martin cues.

Former Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton is also part of Cars 3 playing the character Hamilton. He doesn’t have a car, though. Instead, the champ is an artificial intelligence assistant. 

Trailers suggest that Cars 3 could have the most serious tone yet of any film in the franchise. Clips show a big wreck rips McQueen apart and is likely the reason that he needs to start training again. However, the slow-motion destruction is apparently traumatizing some younger viewers.

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