An $8,000 phone going for the bargain price of just $4,599 on eBay? Something smells funny...

The Vertu Nurburgring Racetrack is a limited edition mobile phone that retailed for about $8,000 new. So one would be forgiven for thinking that this eBay listing, featuring a used model priced at $4,599, is a fake.

The seller says it absolutely is not fake, and he will go out of his way to prove it. He says he will only sell the phone in the US, and will fly to hand deliver the mobile to the winning bidder ... provided the buyer splits the price of the ticket. The San Francisco-based seller is also willing to meet up in person in the Bay Area. He also says he will accompany the potential buyer to the nearest Vertu authorized dealer to verify its authenticity.

Vertu dealers exist in 15 of the 50 United States.

Vertu's phone is made from knurled titanium, with an etching of the Nurburgring circuit on the back. It has a racing leather finish, and a bezel designed to look like a radiator grille.

Somebody somewhere probably thinks this phone is worth $4,600 plus delivery costs. If that is you, then buyer beware: the seller will only accept cash or money wire. Maybe you should bring a bodyguard with you when you make the handoff.

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