The potential success of the new 5 Series GT could lead the company to release a BMW 3 Series GT by the end of the year.

Rumors are swirling around the Internet that a new BMW 3 Series GT Concept will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year. Many automakers are looking for new ways to attract customers. BMW has been doing this by creating cars to fill gaps in the marketplace.

It is no surprise then that BMW would look for an additional model to add to their 3 Series lineup. The 3 Series represents a large portion of worldwide BMW sales. Its creation in the 1970s doubled worldwide sales.

BMW will be paying very strict attention to the debut of the 5 Series GT, with the hope that it gets a similarly positive reaction as the release of the X5 ten years ago. In the same way that the X5 spawned a new line of vehicles for BMW, the 5er GT could lead to both a 3 Series GT and a 1 Series GT.

The 5er GT was created to appeal to older customers who want a less sporting car, but do not want the ride height of the X6. Speculation says that a 3er GT wiill appeal to those wanting the performance of BMW's most popular car, the versatility of a hatchback, and a lower ride height than the X3. Such customers could be weekend athletes and couples with one or two children.

Supposedly called the Progressive Activity Coupe, or the V3, the rear-wheel-drive 3er GT would likely have a higher roofline than the 3 Series wagon, a longer wheelbase, and a nice amount of cabin space. All-wheel-drive would be an option, and a hybrid version is also possible.

All this speculation really boils down to the reception of the BMW 5 Series GT at Geneva. A strong debut signaling demand for the first-generation crossover could lead to a whole new series from BMW. If that's the case, we just might see a BMW 3 Series GT concept by the end of the year.