The Hilux and RC trucks also do some driving in the mud, wading through water, race while towing an 86 race car.

Toyota and Japanese plastic model company Tamiya are partnering in the United Kingdom to answer a burning question: how many radio-controlled vehicles are necessary for towing a Hilux pickup. It’s doubtful many people are staying awake at night pondering the answer for this odd query, but the companies’ resulting video shows how impressive the feat is to watch.

According to the firms, the idea for this stunt stemmed from a commercial in the 1980s where a bunch of Tamiya Bruiser 4X4 RC trucks proved their toughness by hauling a Hilux. However, the modern Toyota pickup is bigger and heavier, so the 1/10 scale trucks have to work even harder now to get one moving.

Toyota Hilux and Tamiya Bruiser

The math works out that each Bruiser weighs about 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms) and produces a maximum torque of 17 pound-feet (23.2 Newton-meters). They need to haul a Hilux 2.4 D-4D Invincible that weighs 7,055 pounds (3,200 kilograms). To maximize their traction, the video’s creators inflated the tires to 60 pounds per square inch, and their four-wheel-drive electric powertrains routed through a low-ratio transmission setting. Plus, weights in the bed pushed each one into the ground. With all of these modifications done, it still took 15 of the little trucks for towing the full-size pickup.

Watch these towing powerhouses:

Three other videos in the same series compare the Bruiser’s capabilities to the modern Hilux. In one, they both kick up some dirt by driving in the mud. Another clip has them wading through deep water, and some medications even let the toy drive without running out of power while completely submerged. Finally, a short film pits a Bruiser hauling a Toyota 86 scale model against the real thing with the full-sized race car.

You can check out these other three videos below. If you’re anything like us, they leave you wanting to go outside with an RC truck for some small-scale rock crawling.



Source: Toyota

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