All total, the manufacturer filed 29 trademarks for potential future models.

Are we on the cusp of seeing a slew of new Jaguar and Land Rover models? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean the British manufacturer isn’t keen to secure names for future endeavors. In this case, the company filed 29 trademarks for model names, a practice not entirely unheard of in the automotive realm. This is particularly true for Jaguar Land Rover, which tends to lump trademark filings together.

While this may seem a touch boring at first glance, such activity can occasionally provide tantalizing clues of things to come. Let’s not forget the waves of online automotive insanity when Toyota trademarked Supra last year. Among the recent filings are an alphabet soup of monikers that would suggest more electric variants in the Jaguar line, and perhaps some new performance models with names like P-Type and T-Type. Land Rover gets Westminster, Freestyle, Landy, and Range Rover Classic, among others.

One new trademark application that could warrant attention is XJS, which has been absent from the Jaguar stable since the 1990s. The company currently has no shortage of outstanding grand touring machines, and the F-Type is arguably the most thrilling two-seat Jaguar since the original E-Type. Some people loved the XJS, others not-so-much, but bringing back the name could open the door for Jaguar to bring back something else – a big V12 coupe to match up with the likes of Aston Martin.

Strong sales at Jaguar Land Rover could certainly be encouraging the manufacturer to broaden its horizons. 2016 was a record sales year for the manufacturer in the United States with 105,104 units sold. That amounted to a 5 percent increase over the previous year for Land Rover, and a whopping 116 percent for Jaguar.


Source: Auto Guide



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