Don't worry, the car is insured. However, we wonder if it's enough to cover the F1's growing price.

Nick Mason is nearly as well known for having an amazing collection of rare cars as he is for being Pink Floyd’s drummer. However, one of the prized vehicles stable – a McLaren F1 GTR – now needs to spend some serious time in the shop after a meeting with the wall at the Goodwood Circuit. You can briefly see the incident in the video above.

The hit happened at a fairly low speed. The F1 GTR bounced off the barrier and a cloud of carbon fiber exploded from the supercar. The crash didn’t harm Mason, but it left his GTR with some serious damage to the front fender. Assuming there’s no major harm to the vehicle’s carbon fiber tub, then the repairs shouldn’t be too extensive. It’ll just need some new bodywork and a thorough check of the mechanical bits in the affected area. The famous 6.1-liter V12 will likely be fine. 

McLaren F1 GTR Crash

A 2009 video from Autocar suggests Mason might want to increase his insurance policy on the car just in case an incident like this happens again, though. According to that clip, his policy at the time covers the F1 GTR for 2.5 million pounds. That’s certainly a big number but doesn’t seem like enough. For example, around that time a standard road-going F1 could sell for 3.5 million pounds. Today, ultra-rare variants like one of the two LM-spec models with the Extra High Downforce Package go for an astounding $13.75 million. Even Rowan Atkinson’s twice-crashed regular example is worth 8 million pounds.

Until his F1 GTR is ready for the track again, Mason has plenty of other special cars that he could drive, including a Ferrari 250 GTO. Let’s just hope he can keep that one out of the barriers.

Via: Jalopnik, Autocar

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