The manufacturer is making room for the upcoming Model 3.

To make way for the upcoming Model 3, and to “simplify the order process” for its customers, Tesla is eliminating its Model S 60 and 60D sedans. However, if you still want one, the automaker is giving you a month to place your order – the last applications for the $68,000 entry-level Model S will be accepted on April 16.

Tesla released its least expensive – 60 line – a year ago. The vehicles were set to utilize a 75-kWh battery, which is software limited to approximately 60 kWh. For a mere about $6,500, buyers could choose to unlock the battery’s full potential at the point of purchase. After the fact, it would cost about $10,000.

This effort by Tesla came along to assure that the company had an “affordable” model available, due to the huge interest in the Model 3, and the fact that the upcoming offering wouldn’t arrive for quite some time. If no new powertrain option is introduced soon, the total number of options will be reduced from seven to five.

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We have been aware for a while now that this decision was imminent. Tesla announced a software limited Model X 60D back in July, and secretly discontinued the offering before it ever arrived. Tesla realized that very few people were taking advantage of these software limited vehicles, and instead were splurging for the 75-kWh equivalent.

The position of an entry-level electric model will soon be taken by the Model 3, which should start at $35,000 when equipped with a battery pack smaller than 60 kWh. Higher output versions of the Model 3, like the rumored 70-kWh that is currently being tested, will be priced closer to the Model S 75D, but the gap between the two will be larger than compared to the current 60D.

Source: InsideEVs

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