Dracula's home is beautiful, and apparently, also quite easy to reach.

Chucking through the mountains of Romania sounds like something of an adventure. The scenery certainly doesn’t leave anything to be desired, which is why a duo known as “neat.graphics” recently trekked into the Romanian winter with a BMW X6 and some camera gear for a bit of filming.

Specifically, the pair (also known as Stanly & Katya) made the journey in an X6 M50d xDrive. That’s going to be the European-spec model with a 3.0-liter diesel wielding three turbochargers, making 381 horsepower and 545 pound-feet of mountain-conquering torque. In a press release, BMW talked about the trials that the team and the X6 would face – two weeks and 1,550 miles of Romanian wilderness with high-altitude passes and stops at 10 locations, among them being Dracula’s Bran Castle on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia.

“The greatest challenge we faced during our trip was the weather,” said Stanly in the press release. “Specifically mountain hairpin turns covered with snow and ice. The BMW X 6 M50d is not only an epic presence in the film, but also got us to remote locations uncompromisingly and helped realize our project on time. Regardless of the extreme winter conditions and rough state of the mountain roads, we always managed to reach our destination.”


BMW X6 M50d


BMW would have us believe the X6 was a crusader in the wilds of Romania, foraging a trail over snow-capped peaks. We’ll admit the X6 is surprisingly capable in off-road situations, provided its pavement-spec rubber is swapped for something a bit more aggressive. With all the BMW-supplied pomp and circumstance in the announcement for this video, we were expecting to see some impressive X6 action mixed with legendary on-location cinematography. Instead, we get almost two minutes of properly beautiful Romanian scenery with 25 seconds devoted to the X6 driving over – wait for it – predominantly smooth pavement or plowed roads.

The video is worth it for the landscapes alone. But if you want to see an X6 conquering more than clear roads, you’ll need to look elsewhere.  

Source: BMW


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