Subaru has just announced a 100-car run of its Justy 1.0 Twin Cam Special Edition microcar in the UK, with a price starting under £10,000.

Who says that desirable limited-edition cars have to be unattainable exotics? Clearly not Subaru. The company has just released what might be the most wallet-friendly special edition ever in the UK: the Justy 1.0 Twin Cam Special Edition. Production of the striped and spoilered supermini will be limited to just 100 cars. At under £10,000 each, this means that then entire production run could be had for less than the cost of a chrome-plated Bugatti Veyron.

The thumb-sized Justy is a city car based on the Daihatsu Sirion, and in 1.0R form it looks the part of a maximum-economy urban minicar; it's boxy and conservative. The 1.0 Twin Cam Special Edition adds a healthy dose of excitement in the form of exclusive paint (in a choice of Black Mica or Shining Red) and over-the-roof "viper stripes," a roof spoiler, privacy glass and a dual exhaust. Inside, the Justy's tarted up with a leather and alloy shift knob. 15-inch Monza R alloy wheels are also available.

The Justy 1.0 Twin Cam Special Edition shares the Justy 1.0R's 1.0 liter, 68bhp three-cylinder engine and two-wheel drive running gear. It's not exactly what you'd call a "hot hatch," but the special edition's attitude makes up for what it lacks in outright performance. So does the fuel economy: after all, when was the last time you could boast that your ultra-rare limited-edition Ferrari got 64.2mpg on the UK's Extra Urban Cycle?

The Justy 1.0 Twin Cam Special Edition's standard equipment includes air conditioning, anti-lock brakes and power windows. Pricing is only £690 more than the standard Justy 1.0R, starting at £9,995. The Monza alloys add £600 to the bottom line, but even fully equipped, this is a special edition that most of us could live with.

We're rooting for some creative multi-billionaire enthusiast to step up and purchase all of them. A 6800bhp army of buzzing microcars with racing stripes has to be at least as cool as a FAB Design Maybach, doesn't it?

Subaru Justy 1.0 Twin Cam Special Edition (UK)