Finally, a cool looking tuner from the Middle East. Check out the new Mercedes CS500 from Saudi tuners MyCar.

Sometimes we here at WorldCarFans are just plain thankful for all that spare cash that flows through the Middle East. Without it, we wouldn't have all these weird, bad, and unusual tuners to make fun of.

Case and point, the car its owner is calling the Mercedes CS500. What's that you say? There's no such thing? Well there is when Saudi tuner MyCar takes a Mercedes S550 and tacks on a front end from the CL550. All that's left is to add the missing "C" and "0" to the rear badging, and you have a CS500. We definitely will not file this car away as ugly, like so many other tuner vehicles from the region. We think this car looks like a natural when the front end of the CL550 is joined to the S550 body.

Say what you will, but this certainly does not look like a bad car, especially when you put it side-by-side with such Middle Eastern atrocities as the Hummer H2 Cabrio, and the chrome-plated Mercedes C63 AMG. Even Autoblog thinks it classes up the S550 a bit. The family-owned Riyadh-based tuners at MyCar are very proud of their creation, and they should be.

If you happen to be in Riyadh, you may still be able to check out the MyCar Mercedes CS500. They only just posted the photos a few days ago.

Saudi Tuner: Mercedes S550 Gets CL550 Front End Conversion - Becomes CS500?