Perana has released teaser photos and sketches of its Zagato-designed Z-One sports car prior to its introduction in Geneva.

Today's tantalizing Geneva teaser comes courtesy of the Perana Z-One. Designed by Zagato in conjunction with a new South African manufacturer called the Perana Performance Group, the Z-One will be the next Zagato design to hit the streets as a production car.

The teaser photos that have been released show a graceful and powerful sports coupe in the classic long-hood, short-deck tradition, and there's not a boring line on this car. The side sculpting and "double-bubble" roof that characterize Zagato's designs are evident, and performance enthusiasts can expect a lightweight body with excellent weight distribution. The Z-One won't be all show and no go, either, as it's reportedly powered by a 6.2 liter LS3 Corvette V8. 0-62 mph times of under four seconds have been reported, though full disclosure will have to wait a couple of weeks until the car's official introduction.

Like many past Zagato designs including the Aston Martin DB7 Zagato and V8 Zagato, the Z-One will go into limited production. Unlike past Zagato limited editions which had model runs of 99 units, the Z-One will see 999 copies, with production possibly starting as soon as this summer. The MSRP for a production version in South Africa is expected to be set at about R750,000 (approximately $115,400).

Perana Z-One by Zagato Built in South Africa