A video has surfaced of the upcoming Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA concept. Set for a Geneva debut, the GTA was caught on camera from many different angles.

We have some great video to share with you of the upcoming Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA. Split up into three different 30-second parts, the video shows the MiTo GTA concept from several different angles.

And once you hear the engine rev, you just may fall in love.

The MiTo GTA will debut as a prototype concept at the Geneva Motor Show in about a week. Alfa confirms the vehicle will have a direct-injection 240 horsepower 1.8-liter turbocharged V6 engine. The advanced suspension lowers the GTA by 20 mm when compared to the new MiTo. Weight is removed thanks to a host of carbon-fiber body parts and an aluminum suspension.

So check out the videos and tell us what you think!

Parts II and III below.

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